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"I am a Fiscally Conservative, Law and Order. Pro-Business, Pro-Family Candidate. You will never wonder which side of an issue I am on. If it improves our city's safety, it's good for Simi Valley's businesses or if it improves our quality of life - then I am all in!"

Twelve years ago I started a true grass roots movement to put a non-connected, blue collar, working class Police Officer and just an all-around concerned citizen on our City Council. With your help I was successful and have served as your city council member since December 2010.

When I first took my seat on the Dias I thought I would be a fish out of water. I came to understand rather quickly that most of the job was just listening to the complaints people had and trying to help them negotiate through the bureaucratic maze that can be daunting to the un-initiated.

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It is very much like my job as a Police Officer; just trying to help people. Dealing with City Hall can be a scary proposition. I’ve been the average citizen’s friend and guide ever since I took office. To get my help you do not have to be connected or a friend of a friend. You just have to e-mail or message me and tell me how your government is not being responsive to your needs.

Here we are again getting ready for yet another campaign and I’m still going to need your help keeping the seat we fought so hard to win. The time has come again for us to join together and vote for a more responsive City government.

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